Name Variants

As far as we know, the Clan MacGillivray does not have septs, but simply variant forms and spellings of the Clan Name itself. In the usual sense, Septs are surnames often quite different in form from the Clan Name that are associated with the Clan for one or more of the following reasons:
������������1.) Anglicisation of a Gaelic-derived Clan Name, or vise-versa, when the Clan Name itself is anglicised.
������������2.) Lineal branches of the Clan that are named for the founder of the branch.
������������3.) Unrelated families with traditional or territorial associations with the Clan.
MacGillivray tradition and history gives us no clear cases of these. However, the number and variety of different forms of the name "MacGillivray" is impressive in itself.

Three lists are provided here:

  • Common MacGillivray Variants. This list of 24 is a selection of the commonest variants of the Name, designed to show
    �����their range and variety, and with the commonest listed first.
  • Full List of Known MacGillivray Variants. Here are 99 different forms of the name found in various sources! Some of
    �����these may not actually be in use as surnames today, but are antique and idiosyncratic spellings found in early documents.
  • Similar, but non-MacGillivray, Surnames. Many Scottish and Irish surnames have the same "Mac-" and "Gilli-"
    �����components from Gaelic as ours, and may sound similar. But they are not related to or derived from us. They have origins
    �����and connections of their own. This list gives several, with comments on their known origins and the other clans they may be
    �����connected with, if known. If you don't find your name on the first two lists, check this one out!

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