Clan MacGillivray International Association

Colonel George B. Macgillivray, our Commander, died in 1994 leaving his Commissioners with responsibility to support and gather The Clan. Because the office of Commissioner is in the gift of only a Clan Chief or a Commander, a Commissioner cannot retire or a replacement be appointed until such time as a new Chief or Commander can be found. The formation of a separate legal entity such as an Association is therefore of great importance to the future of The Clan.

In 1998 all those of the Clan MacGillivray who were known to us, were requested to indicate whether they would be interested in a Clan Association

On November 7th, 1998, a group of Clansfolk met in the Highlands of Scotland and unanimously agreed to proceed to the formation of an Association whose mandate is:-
To promote and maintain an interest in the history and traditions of The Clan MacGillivray To extend knowledge of The Clan and The Association throughout the world and to give support to similar clan movements which have as their object, the preservation of old traditions and loyalties. To provide friendly social intercourse among members To publish a journal at least once a year.

Membership shall be open to:
All persons bearing the name of and/or being descended from the name MacGillivray. Persons married to descendants. All others holding similar views and interests in preserving the heritage of The Clan.

The officers appointed were:-
President: Ishbel McGillivray-McGregor, The U K Commissioner
Chairman: Ronald MacGillivray
Secretary: Donald MacGillivray
Treasurer: Ishbel McGillivray-McGregor
Publicity: George and Helen Downie.
Marketing Manager: Annette MacGillivray
Convenor for the European Continent:
Gianni Lombardi-MacGillivray

Subscriptions were set at:-
� for individual or family members
to include children under 18 years of age,
� for five year membership
�0 for Life membership per individual
or member and spouse.

The Clan Association was launched on January 15th 1999 This is a historic occasion for The Clan and a warm welcome will be extended to all those of the name who wish to further these aims.