Clan MacGillivray Modern
The authenticity and antiquity of this tartan are well established as it is one of a great family of tartans based on the simple Mackintosh sett, or pattern, found here in the central check of wider blue and green lines with the thin blue line in the centre. The added distinguishing elements are the thin blue and azure (light blue) lines. It is said that the azure is indicative of a clan originating from the west coast or Isles.
Clan MacGillivray Ancient
The sett or pattern, is the same as that for the MacGillivray Modern, but the "Ancient" version is an attempt to render the colours in the softer, lighter hues that would have resulted from the earlier use of natural vegetable and mineral dyes, before the introduction of the more intense modern chemical dyes.
Clan MacGillivray Hunting
Hunting tartans generally avoid the brighter colours in favour of those that would provide camouflage when hunting. The use of a brown background here is very unusual and distinctive. This tartan, quite different in its sett from the main MacGillivray tartan, has been used for some years by the Calrossie family in eastern Ross-shire, and is sometimes reffered to as the "Calrossie Sett". The same pattern, with a soft "ancient" red background is associated with another family and called the "Aberchalder Sett". It is also seen in a "weathered" version, where the background turns to a lighter "sand" hue.
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