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Photo of Della Comer MacGillivray ´┐ŻLaura Gilpin

Name Della Comer MacGillivray
Birthdate 1887
Skylarking, Tales In Rhyme For the Youthful
Della Comer MacGillivray was born in 1887 in Thompkinsville, Kentucky. She attended schools in Kentucky, Tennessee and Sullins College, Virginia. At age 19, she and her family came to live in New Mexico. In 1907 she met Alan MacGillivray, a Scottish highlander, whom she married in 1910. For many years they owned and lived on ranches in New Mexico and Colorado. Following her husband's death in 1922, she and her four children returned to New Mexico. She always had an active interest in the world about her as shown in Skylarking.
Jean MacGillivray Seth

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