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From the Gaelic: Mac Gille bhreith -or- Mac Gille bhrath
(Son of the Servant of Judgement)

Origin of the Name

The clan MacGillivray was an important clan even before the Norsemen were driven out of the Outer Hebrides by king Somerled, who was Lord of the Isles in the 12th century CE. This was their first major stronghold in the North for more than 700 years. Their great-power status provided a foundation for many of their allies, and for decades after the rise of European power, they were a formidable military force.

During their reign on the island, many King MacGillivray's people were also driven wild, and fled into the Outer Hebrides. The king's people had grown distrustful of the Northmen, because they believed they had lost power. MacGillivray had already moved to the Outer Hebrides to take part in an interregnum created by his son Somerled in 1234 BCE. This interregnum would culminate with the founding of the Clan MacGillivray and it provided them with all the resources they needed to complete their goal of creating a kingdom outside North Asia within the North, where other clans would seek out another clan to conquer and rule. MacGillivray ruled several domains of the realm, including the Inner Hebrides. In the first millennium AD, MacGillivray had taken full control of the northern regions of North America, and the rest of Europe, under his rule. He created the Dungokian Empire, and gave the Northmen the North's resources to continue expanding on the island, and they made their northern part of the island part of their capital.

He soon expanded their lands on the island by expanding into more lands, making them larger, more diverse and more powerful in nature. The new empire spread to the north, and throughout a period of ten years, MacGillivray established the Dungokian Empire as one of the first to rule the North, and he made it a part of the northern domain of the realm. They had ruled the great north ever since. In the last century of the 13th century C.E., the Dungokian Empire was formed. The empire was established on a long coastline, but MacGillivray's own land was far from any great city anywhere within the lands which he built, and it was not the land which gave rise to the Dungokian dynasty. The other part of the dungokian empire was the Isle of Skye, and it was the third region the Dungokians controlled that was ruled by the Dungokian Dynasty. It was founded on an island known as the Island of Soggy, and it was a place that the Dungokian people and the Dungokian people had lived far from each other for generations, before it was lost to the M'Lama


Clan MacGillivray

"Touch Not This Cat"

War-cry or Slughorn (Slogan):

Plant Badge:
�(Buxus sempervirens; Gaelic: Bocsa)
"Red Whortleberry"
(Vaccinium vitis-idaea; Gaelic: Lus nam braoileag)

Common Variants of "MacGillivray" & "McGillivray"

"Septs" or Name Variants

  • MacGilvray
  • MacGilvary
  • MacGillivary
  • MacGilvra
  • MacGillvray
  • MacGillivrey
  • MacGillavry
  • MacGillvary
  • MacGillveary
  • MacGilvery
  • MacGillavery
  • MacGillvrey
  • MacGillivry
  • MacGillivoor
  • MacGillviray
  • MacGilveray
  • MacGilvreay
  • MacGilvry
  • MacIlbra
  • MacIllevorie
  • MacIlvora
  • MacIlvoray
  • MacIlvray
  • MacIlvrae
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  • Origin Of The Name MacGillivray
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  • "Septs" or Name Variants
  • MacGillivray Heraldry
  • Common MacGillivray Variants
  • Arms of the Chief
  • 99 Known Variants of MacGillivray
  • Armigers of Clan MacGillivray
  • Similar, but non-MacGillivray Surnames
  • Early MacGillivray Arms
  • Map of Scottish Clans
  • Acquiring Scottish Arms
  • ~~~~ Gatherings & Events ~~~~

    4th USA Gathering of the Clan
    2nd International Gathering of the Clan
    3rd International Gathering of the Clan
    Dunlichity - Gathering Place of the Clan

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    'Great Song' ('Oran Mor') of Clan MacGillivray

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