The Clan MacGillivray
Robert McGillivray

A new account of the Clan MacGillivray by an author who, with George B Macgillivray was co-author of "A History of the Clan MacGillivray" published in 1973. Robert is well versed in the story of the Clan and in this much needed new work he takes advantage of further research and new sources to expand knowledge on this venerable Clan. In particular he traces the various branches of the Clan from its origin in the ancient kingdom of Dalriada to its modern-day activities. The author is also well known for his regular contributions to the annual Journal of the Clan Chattan Association... The book which is A5 size, 152 pp and hard back, contains fascinating chapters on The Clan Tartans and The Clan Heraldry. It is beautifully illustrated in colour and in b&w and is a must for all those belonging to, or connected to, the Clan MacGillivray in any of its many spellings (over 70 appear in the 1881 decennial census of Great Britain). Whether it be the MacGillivrays of Stratherrick and Strathnairn, the MacGilivrays of Mull, the MacGillivrays of Skye, of Islay, Arisaig and Ardnamurchan, there is something of interest. And some fresh insights. Robert has made arrangements around the world to make it easy for those interested in purchasing the history.

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