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Inverness, Scotland  - July 28 through August 1, 1997

Below: 125 MacGillivray clansfolk from around the world gathered for a group photo on the grounds of the Lochardil House Hotel in Inverness before the Official Banquet on Wednesday, July 30. Front and center, wearing his collar of office, is the Hon. Allan Sellar, Provost (Mayor) of Inverness, who gave the Official Greeting and Toast to the Haggis.

Group shot, Official Banquet, Lochardil House

Among its many memorable moments, this Gathering was notable for the dedication in the Clan's ancestral lands of three memorial plaques to past leaders of the Clan. These were stirring moments of Clan pride for those present and will leave lasting testimony of our Clan's history in the land where that history can best be remembered.

Plaque Dedications

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