Common Variants of "MacGillivray" & "McGillivray"

For brevity, two conventions are used in this list--
����1.) the "Mac" prefix;
����2.) the capitalization of the second syllable.
Any of the spellings shown below using either the "Mc" prefix or the lowercase second syllable are also legitimate MacGillivray variants.
MacGilvray MacGillavry MacGillivry MacIlbra
MacGilvary MacGillvrey MacGillivoor MacIllevorie
MacGillivary MacGillvary MacGillviray MacIlvora
MacGilvra MacGillveary MacGilveray MacIlvoray
MacGillvray MacGilvery MacGilvreay MacIlvray
MacGillivrey MacGillavery MacGilvry MacIlvrae