These clansmen have personal arms of their own which are recognized by Her Majesty's Lord Lyon King of Arms. As "armigers," they are members of the Derbhfineof the Clan, the Clan gentry, second in rank to the Chief and his immediate family. They are clansmen of distinction with a certain role in the management of the Clan in our times.

Col. George B. MacGillivray, CD BA KCLJ
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (Deceased 22 Sept. 1994)
Col. MacGillivray's gifts to the Clan in his lifetime were many. He aquired personal arms on 4 June 1947. After that he matriculated the Chiefly Arms on behalf of earlier chiefs, restored the Clan's burial enclosure at Dunlichity and published the first comprehensive History of the Clan in 1973. He filed three seperate petitions for recognition as Chief and in 1989 was commissioned as Ceann Cath, Commander of the Clan MacGillivray by Lord Lyon.
Dr. Edward J. (Edwin) MacGillavry, LLD
The Hague, Netherlands (Deceased 8 Aug. 1997)
Dr. MacGillavry, before his recent death, was scion of the distinguished Dutch branch of the Clan founded by a soldier from Nairn who settled in Holland after the Napoleonic Wars. This family had an illustrious history in the Dutch East Indies and retains a strong Indonesian interest. They have published thier own branch's History and hold regular Gatherings in the Netherlands.
Peter A. McGillivray, HDA
Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia
Peter was a co-founder of the Clan MacGillivray Society of Australia, which has been active for over twenty years, and he edits the Society's annual Journal. He is also the Clan's Commissioner for Australia and serves as informal Chairman of the Commissioners' working group. Peter acquired personal arms on 15 April 1989.
Robert McGillivray, Esq.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Robert has long been a staunch supporter of the Clan Chattan Association. His early activity included founding the society's Edinburgh branch and, together with his wife Pauline, he has co-edited its respected annual Journal for over twenty years. He is our Clan's Seannachie, or Historian, and also an advisor to the Commissioners' working group.

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